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  • sports illustrated burkini

    Explore the Sports Illustrated Burkini Collection with LYRA Swim

    Halima Aden marked a new era in swimsuit design when she made it to the cover of Sports Illustrated in 2019 with a surprisingly ingenious swimsuit. As it is known now, the’ burkini’ made it possible for women to balance their style with their athletic aspirations. This modest swimsuit empowered women everywhere to go forth into an experience that challenges the very expectations imposed on them.
  • full coverage swimwear

    Dive in with LYRA Full Coverage Swimwear this summer

    We understand the difficulties of finding the right swimwear for the custom look you have in mind. Conventional swimwear caters to the single goal of utility, with little concern for aesthetics. LYRA is always at your service with the full coverage swimwear collection designed with you in mind. Our goal is to combine functionality and style, moulded to your personal ethics. 
  • What is a Kaftan?

    What is a Kaftan?

    Over the years, the kaftan has been touted as a straightforward, comfortable outfit that can be adapted for all spheres of casual life. The evolution of the kaftan into a festive garment has certainly made it a more accessible choice for women. It is spacious enough to move around easily without being restrictive, while also allowing generous coverage. It is almost like a small world of fabric in which you can be yourself.
  • Stunning Full Body Swimming Costumes by LYRA

    Stunning Full Body Swimming Costumes by LYRA

    For every woman who has always wondered what to wear to the beach without compromising style or modesty, LYRA Swim brings the best out of you with our full body swimming costume. Reveal your elegance with our finely crafted full body swimsuits. Because you deserve perfection in your appearance and fortitude in your self-worth. 
  • What is a Burkini?

    What is a Burkini?

    A burkini is a play on two words — burqa, which is a body and head covering garment worn by Islamic women in public, and bikini. It is swimsuit that covers the body leaving the face, hands and feet uncovered. The association with ‘bikini’ does not extend further than that it is both pieces of clothing in which you can swim.