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  • LYRA Modest Swim Tops & Trousers Mix & Match Inspirations 🤍

    LYRA Modest Swim Tops & Trousers Mix & Match Inspirations 🤍

    Our #LYRAlady Yasmin styled our Swim Trousers & Long Swim Top so effortlessly and we especially love how the LYRA WRAP HIJAB - CHARCOAL ties the outfit together. And you, would you dare to try it? If you love effortless design and modesty, the LYRA Swim Tops are for you! Made of...

  • modest women

    Modesty By Choice

    In her new book, Once in a Lifetime, Muslim feminist scholar Amina Wadud writes that she is celebrating 50 years of her conversion to Islam this year. She calls it her 50 years of being a “Muslim by choice”, and...

  • modest swimwear

    Dive into LYRA's New Earth-inspired Swimwear Collection! 🍃

    We are thrilled to bring you our newest modest swimwear collection featuring a timeless palette channelling and celebrating the vibrancy of the great outdoors.

    Our new earthy-toned range offers our best-seller Sofia design in 5 new exciting shades: Maroon, Blue, Khaki, Pink and Slate.
  • Sydney Modest Swimwear

    Shopping for Modest Swimwear in Sydney

    The weekend is here and folks are flocking en masse to bask on the beaches in Sydney. If you are browsing for stylish modest swimsuits for a Sydney beach trip, we are here to help you out. LYRA offers the perfect swimsuit designs to match your style, for women of all shapes and sizes. Designed to impress, and crafted to last, our swimsuits are the ultimate blend of fashion and function in sportswear. We assure you will look absolutely divine and feel confident in a LYRA modest swimsuit
  • LYRA’s UPF 50+ UV Protection Modest Swimwear

    LYRA’s UPF 50+ UV Protection Modest Swimwear

    Planning a day out at the beach or the pool? Protecting yourself from sunburn would be top priority on your mind when packing sunscreen and wide brim hats, but going into the water would be an entirely different matter. Conventional swimwear is simply designed for moving through the water, offering little if any protection against UV rays or even the chlorine in the water.
  • plus size modest swimwear USA

    Exploring Plus-Size Modest Swimwear in the USA

    Personal modesty is simply about having a say in what you choose to wear. It is about letting the world know you are a unique individual who can make your own decisions. Women around the world seeking the thrill of the waves or just a dip in the pool find themselves having to forgo their personal modesty in favour of the accepted standards of sportswear fashion. Getting hold of plus-size modest swimwear in the USA is quite a task when most swimsuit manufacturers cater to smaller sizes.