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Buy LYRA Swim Caps & Hijabs For Women

A swim cap is one of the essential swimming adornments one needs while in waters. Regardless of whether you are a fledgeling in the waters or an Olympic swimmer, an ideal fitting swim cap serves two functions fundamentally; safety and comfort. At LYRA we know safety and comfort are not just two words. And the swim caps our designers come up with are top-notch.

As gorgeous ladies with long hair, we know that it's not an easy task to manoeuvre in water without getting distracted by our hair, always trying to snag across the face. An open hair during swim not only diverts our attention, but it can also mean a lot more. It can poise higher water resistance, cause a distraction to our fellow swimmers in a shared pool. Most importantly, swimming with open hair means that we are allowing our hair to interact with salty or chlorinated water. Well, a modest lady does not stress over any of these, because every time she gets into water, she gracefully wears her swim cap.


Perfect fit: A LYRA, our designers make sure that our swim caps and turbans fit any head shape and cover your ears and hair sufficiently. An incredible purchase for the ardent swimmer.

Durable and robust: LYRA swim caps are sufficiently solid to be worn in the sea and pool alike. Like any other LYRA product, we use the best-in-class fibres available. Our fabric is tested for its durability over time in salty and chlorinated water and to retain its original stretch and colour over multiple wash cycles.

It's friendly on your skin. Yes, you heard it right. Swim caps fit tightly to your hair and skin. An ordinary swim cap may be made up of cheap rubber or fibres that may release toxic chemicals to cause skin irritation. At LYRA you can be a hundred percentile sure of the quality you get. The colours we use are non-toxic and comply with US and ISO standards.


What does comfort mean to you? For us at LYRA, comfort equates to anything which makes you confident and keeps your body relaxed.

Snug fit and slip-free design: LYRA swim cap makes sure your hair will stay intact, and you wouldn't have to think about a hair snag while in water. The rim design and our quality fabric combination are tried and tested to provide a snug fit around your head and to avoid any unintentional slip off during your water activities.

Easy on your skin: The fabric fibres we use go gentle on your skin and do not leave any rash after you take it off. Putting on or taking off the LYRA swim cap would be easy as a breeze. The comfortable stretch property of LYRA fabric ensures your blood flow is not inhibited.

Provide warmth and protects you: One of the primary functions of a good swim cap is to cover your head and ears so that your body temperature is protected from cold water. LYRA ensures that your ears and hair are protected not only from water but from UV rays of the sun. If you spend longer times in the ocean or in the pool, you neither have to worry about exposure to harmful UV radiation nor about the loss of heat from your body.

Ultimate style options: Yes, comfort means it is stylish. We know that a modest lady is fashionable and classy. That is why we have designed as many options in our swim cap designs as compared to boring old school rubber or silicone caps. Our swim caps ( or swim turbans, as some may love to call them) come in primarily two styles (turban and knot turban) and in a range of colour options. Match it up with your LYRA swimsuit colour for a monochromatic look. Or as you might love it, let your imagination run wild and pick a contrasting colour. In no time, you might notice that your pool buddies are going to ask about this stylish piece of accessory.

The perfect gift: Unsure of what to gift your dear spouse, sister, daughter, grandma, or girlfriend? Does she enjoy swimming at the pool or beach? Well, our unique swim turban can be the perfect present for her. She will remember you each time she puts it on and has a pleasant swim in the water.