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Buy The Best Swim Leggings For Women

For many women who prefer to cover up, what they choose to wear when they go swimming at the beach or pool, is often limited to what they can find from the meagre selection in shops or online. At LYRA, you get full-length swim leggings, perfect for coverage and sun protection. With a flattering high waist fit with tummy control waistband.

At LYRA, we know that such women enjoy the comfort and style that a full swimsuit offers them, and coupling this with swimsuit leggings gives them the perfect, modest waterproof outfit. To that end, we have come up with the ideal swim leggings that combine comfort, with style and which will perfectly match one of our elegant swimsuits. By reaching the way down to your ankles, LYRA leggings allow you to flaunt your style, without flaunting your body.

Why LYRA Swim Legging?

Made using the most delicate quick-drying and chlorine resistant fabric, and with high UPF protection of 50+, you can swim to your heart's content, or lounge for hours in the sun with full protection from its damaging rays. _BREAK_

While our swimsuit leggings come in a range of sizes to suit all body types, we know that no matter your size, a soft and flexible waistline is essential for your comfort, especially after swimming. Each pair of our stylish swimsuit leggings has an elastic waistline that sits comfortably, but flatteringly mid-waist, and if you decide to go for a beach or poolside lunch after your swim, it won't restrict your stomach should it expand a little!

We also know that some women like to spend the whole day in one comfortable, waterproof outfit, uniquely if at the beach, and not able to simply pop home to get changed. Whether you've spent a few hours swimming and want to go to the restaurant for a well-deserved snack or lunch, walk along the promenade, or finish the day with a session at the gym or a run along the seafront, with our comfortable but stylish swimsuit leggings, you can do precisely that. Quick to dry, and with a colour that doesn't fade, no matter what your plans are for the day, you can get on with life when you're wearing a pair of LYRA swimsuit leggings.

If you've yet to discover our exciting and stylish range of swimwear to suit every need, including our fashionable swimsuit leggings & swim pants, then why not spend a few minutes browsing our collections and see what we have to offer. 

Easy to access, and with full details about every item, you won't need to spend hours going from page to page to find your ideal swimwear. And with easy ways to pay, no hidden charges, and a friendly customer service team, you could be wearing your new swimsuit and looking at the belle of the beach, in next to no time!

From modest swimsuits to kaftans, sarongs, and swimsuit leggings, we've got everything you need to enjoy an active, modest lifestyle.

And with our use of the finest Italian fabrics and exacting standards, wearing an item from our range is sure to make you the envy of your friends and family.

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