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Buy The Best Wet Bags For Swimsuits | Waterproof Wet Bikini & Swimwear Bag

A wet bag is simply a bag with a waterproof inner lining and appropriate closure to carry your damp or wet swim apparel. It comes handy not only to carry wet swimsuits or swim accessories but also to carry them safely when they are dry. Given the quick-drying and lightweight nature of swim apparel, one must keep them exasperated from other clothes at all times to avoid any mishap by hooks, pins or sharp objects often found n the wardrobe, attached to your other regular clothing. A wet bag protects swim apparel from any possible damage while storing and transportation. Hence a wet bag is one of the basic props you should get along with a swimsuit. 

Our LYRA wet swimsuit bags are designed to match all the above requirements while being lightweight, elegant, and environment friendly. Made from natural woven fabric, our wet bags are simple and classy. Our earthy colour options-taupe and beige-convey simplicity while being fashionable. The inner lining is provided for water resistance. Closed by a beautiful tassel zip, it would be the perfect wet bag your LYRA swimsuit will ever need. Adequate size (30 cm width and 26cm height) ensures that you can keep not only your swimsuits safely, but it can be useful for a lot more purposes.

LYRA Waterproof Wet Bag for Wet Bathing Suit & Swimming Costume

Though wet bags are meant for your swimsuit, they can be life-savers at many other circumstances. Like any other product from LYRA, versatility is what it is designed for. Some key situations when our wet bags can come handy are listed below.

  • A wet bag can be used if you got to carry a personal care product bottle (such as say, baby oil or hair oil) if it starts to be leaky all of a sudden on a trip. As its waterproof, it can help prevent your other clothes from getting messed up with the leakage.
  • You can store your damp towel or clothes while you travel inside a wet bag and still pack them with your other ‘good’ clothes.
  • You can take them to the gym to carry your sweaty gym clothes back home until you toss them into the washing machine.
  • You may use them to store sanitary napkins/pads on a trip if you are in a position not to dispose of them immediately. The waterproof nature prevents foul smells or any leakage which may otherwise spoil your other clothes.
  • Are you carrying some syrups or medicine bottle which are not sealed ( as you are already using them) and is afraid of a leak? A wet bag comes to your rescue.
  • A wet bag can be a temporary travel laundry bag to store used clothes separated from unused ones, on a short trip.
  • Use them to store your belonging together such as a mobile phone while you are in the pool and store them in the locker or at the poolside or beach. It protects your phone or belongings from water (pool or gym lockers can be wet), sand, and sunlight while you relax in the pool tension free.
  • Wet bags can be an ideal gift for your loved ones if she is a person who enjoys her time at the beach or the pool or the gym. Our designers (and happy customers) ensure that anyone would fall in love with them instantly.

How To Use Swim Wet Bags?

  • Please do not keep any sharp object ( such as a pen, hair clip or safety pin, etc) inside the wet bag. The sharp object may damage the water-resistant lining.
  • If the wet bag is used to carry anything leaky or wet, wash the inside gently with water and drain off the water, once you are home.
  • Though the wet bag is waterproof, we do not recommend inserting dripping wet items into the wet bag. Gently remove moisture as much as possible before placing any cloth inside the wet bag. It will ensure it is not loaded too much and avoid leakage from the zip area. 
  • Do not iron the bag. Ironing will damage the inner waterproof lining. Your wet bag does not need ironing to look good, anyway. 
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