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    How to Pack a Wet Swimsuit for your Beach Trip

    Summer is about to leave and planning a trip to the beach is surely on everyone’s minds. The ocean waves call out to the swimmer in you and it is downright  impertinent to not let that call go unanswered. Unsurprisingly, most of us would not think twice about packing for the trip compared to the meticulous planning that goes into the trip itself.

    We worked out just what you need and how to pack a wet swimsuit for the beach. The essential swimwear checklist would include not just swimwear and towels but the accessories that go along with the swimwear, as well as the baggage that matches your holiday destination. Let’s get to it.

  • high neck modest swimwear

    Top 13 Modest High Neck Swimwear from LYRA SWIM

    Stepping into the water, be it the pool or the ocean should be an effortless act free from the burden of swimwear dictated by sportswear guidelines indifferent to personal modesty. LYRA swimwear caters to this ideal - the desire to reconcile personal comfort with the standards set by modern fashion trends.

    Modestly stylish is the tagline that goes into the design of all our swimsuits. LYRA swimsuits have been featured in a whole range of fashion swimwear collections. We made it an art to design swimwear accommodating personal style that you will find it hard not to make it a year-round style.

  • Islamic swimming Costumes

    Beautiful Islamic Swimming Costumes for Women

    The journey to develop the perfect swimming costume began with a dream. A dream to fulfil the expectations of women around the world who wish to maintain personal modesty befitting the tenets of their belief. LYRA is not just another swimwear collection. Rather, we made it our goal to design swimwear that suits the personal modesty espoused by the ideals of their faith. 
  • Modest swimwear Dubai

    A Definitive Guide to Buying Modest Swimwear (Burkini) in Dubai

    Planning a beach holiday? Can’t find the right swimsuit? Let’s do this together. Swimwear that gets you into the water with confidence can be hard to find. Throwing on a couple of gym clothes for a dip in the waves will surely seem like a handy option, but we know how unappealing it can be to walk around the beach in wet, baggy clothes.
  • Best-selling Collection of Beach Kaftans by LYRA

    Best-selling Collection of Beach Kaftans by LYRA

    There are few attires that have withstood the test of time as much as the kaftan. This classical outfit has been in use for thousands of years in many cultures. Many of its variants have travelled across the world in different names but at the end of the day, a fashionable kaftan is simply the first choice for any occasion. The kaftan is experiencing a renewed interest right now with many well-known celebrities embracing its comfort and unique appeal.
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    How to tie a Sarong the Right Way? Beachwear with a Twist

    Contrary to popular belief, a sarong can be worn in any number of right ways. This unassuming piece of fabric is a familiar outfit for the casual picnicker and the seasoned swimmer alike. A sarong can work as a towel or a scarf to a fully functional tunic and is surely a must-have in your beachwear wardrobe. There is certainly more than one way to tie a sarong when you are out at the beach. Besides adding a little highlight to your beachwear, the versatility of the sarong lets you stand out with your own unique style.