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Kaftan is a loose-fitting tunic dress reaching to the ankles, that usually buttons in the front. This free-flowing rob is historically associated with royalty and elegance. Though an item of historical, traditional clothing, it is popular and fashionable even today. Over time, it has got so many variants and many other outfits today are inspired by the original Kaftan designs. This charming, loose flowing garment is comfy as well as uniquely stylish. 

LYRA brings you a wide array of gorgeous Kaftans, handcrafted by our designers to suit a modern-day woman. Our designs are royal yet simple, traditional yet stylish.
However, some historians believe that Kaftans are originated from desert dresses. Regardless of the origins of this beautiful wardrobe essential, you will happily agree that it is both royal and simple, simultaneously. This single piece of apparel is equally convenient to carry around while providing adequate cover for your skin.

At LYRA, you can find Kaftan style clothing with ultimate ease. Our options are classy, timeless, and elegant. Our earthy colour shades complement the soothing and classy message a Kaftan conveys. We have a few striped options as well to convey a more urban yet sophisticated appeal. With Kaftans, customizations are countless when it comes to styling. You can pair them up with many things. With the right pair of accessories in place, a Kaftan can be worn on every occasion. 

Kaftans are an excellent beach cover-up alternative. Their easy-breezy design helps you to put them on in a jiffy and be covered and comfortable. Whether it’s a holiday trip, beach party, or merely a day at the beach resort, a Kaftan is a lifesaver when it comes to style and elegance. Also, the extended ankle-length cover protects you from harmful UV rays of the sun, while out in the open. All our fabric is rated for high sun protection so that you can be assured of its effectiveness many times better than any high SPF sunscreen.

Our Kaftans are super comfortable. We ensure that our products will fit for women of all body types and age groups. Also, a Kaftan will appeal to all tastes due to its simplicity.
Another striking feature of LYRA Kaftans is the presence of elegant buttons in the front closure. The buttons can be kept open up to a certain height as per climate, style, and occasion, to allow more airflow or less. No wonder it is known as the perfect summer dress.

Kaftans as pregnancy dresses

Even though it is not the primary function of a Kaftan, it deserves a special mention here. Kaftans are excellent for a pregnant lady. A pregnant lady requires loose-fitting, lightweight clothing for comfort, and safety reasons, especially if she lives in a hot climate. Owing to its free size and free-flowing nature, a Kaftan is an ideal dress for an expectant mother. Who said pregnancy time couldn’t be a stylish time?

How to style up with your LYRA Kaftan? A few tips

Well, as you already know, options are unlimited when it comes to Kaftans. A single attire can create a multitude of outfits with the right selection of accessories and colour combinations.

Pair them up with beach trousers, flip flops, a pair of sunglasses and a summer hat for the perfect summer look. However, fashion is what YOU find confident and happy. So don’t be shy to try out your styling, and we can guarantee that it will bring you compliments.
Though a well-known summer attire, Kaftans are not just limited to summer. You can pair them up with a suitable jacket and scarf for light winter for trendy, customized looks.

A matching bag and a belt with Kaftan will boost up your style in any season. Our NAILA series comes with an inbuilt strap. However, you can always add a belt of your choice (cloth, leather, or jute as per your taste) for an appealing silhouette. 
Every individual is unique with her tastes and beliefs. We encourage you to create your customized style based on your personality.

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