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LYRA Swim Sarongs - The Best Quality Sarong You Can Get!

What is Sarong?

Sarong tie maxi skirt in a lightweight fabric. A perfect cover-up beachwear piece that is easy to style.

Imagine, you are out there in the pool, having fun with your loved ones and enjoying a great swim in the waters. After all, its the best thing one needs to do on a hot summer afternoon.

You are exhausted and deserve a small break on one of the pool benches while enjoying a virgin mojito (or your favourite summer drink). Now the sun is at its peak, burning through your soft skin with its UV rays. Also, you don't feel comfy to be out in the open with all the strangers around at the beach resort. Yes, you are a lady who expresses her femininity in an elegant and  sophisticated way while keeping faithful to her beliefs. A classy lady who knows what she wants. You take out your favourite LYRA swim sarong from the bag, drapes it elegantly, and relax on the beach, feeling secure, safe, and confident. 

Effortless, elegant, and versatile. A beach sarong skirt is a must-have piece of swimwear for every gorgeous lady's wardrobe. It's perfect as a cover-up for the beach or poolside, a chic and feminine summer dress, or as a wrap to protect you from the sun, every classy lady deserves a beautiful sarong in her life. This lightweight sarong comes in a crinkle fabric with self-tie closure. It is easy to carry around, can be used as a sarong, skirt or a scarf, and is the perfect piece to take on holiday. Sarong adds a fresh, laid-back appeal to your style.

Why should you get a LYRA Swim Sarong?

Ergonomic design: Our designers are always aspiring for excellence when designing and developing the LYRA modest swimwear collections. For your comfort, LYRA sarongs are provided with a pull-through waist tie (which you may also tie around your neck as per your taste and occasion) to give you a little extra hold and security. With these ties in place, you will be confident to enjoy a peaceful poolside or an evening on the beach at ease. Say no to those metal pins you used to carry around while heading to the beach, to hold the sarong in place.

Sarongs Designed in London, Sourced from Italy, crafted in Istanbul: We use high-grade Italian fabric for our sarongs, just like all our swimwear products. The material is specifically chosen and tested for its properties to use in the pool or beach. Our products are durable, sand resistant, and offer UV protection while being comfy on your body. Top lass designers in our London studio handpick colour patterns and designs, be it sarongs or any other swimwear from LYRA. Our dedicated production facility is based in Istanbul, where more than 250 highly skilled employees focus on detailing and quality produce. Isn't the journey of a LYRA product exciting, before it reaches you? 

Ethically produced Sarongs: One of the reasons behind creating LYRA is to help women choose swimwear without compromising on style or comfort. We also believe that creating apparel should have a minimal impact on the environment and empower factory workers. Our suppliers are selected based on their compliance with ethical and environmental standards. Through our materials and processes, we induce sustainability in our value chain and deliver a product that ensures the highest standards right from source to shop.

The LYRA quality: We are a brand that believes in delivering the best quality to our consumers at a fair price. Our attention to detail has no matches so that our products speak for themselves. Coming from the LYRA family, this sarong also makes no compromise on our values. Colours on each of our products undergo rigorous testing to ensure colour fade resistance when fabrics are exposed to sunlight, sea, chlorinated pool water, and repeated wash cycles and comply with ISO and US certifications.

One size fits all: Open ends of a sarong means it should be versatile and match with self-tie closure for anyone. Our designers keep that in mind while designing and provide enough width and length so that it will cover you in the right places no matter which way you intend to use it. 

Not just swimwear: Are you a little wild and imaginative about your casual wear? Do you want to bring a new touch to your chic-fashion collection? Well, who says sarongs are only limited to pool sides or beaches? Historically, sarongs are more than just swimwear, and both men and women use it in different parts of the world. Our upcoming products in floral designs and vibrant, chic colours will take your fashion to the next level if you decide to be creative to make a statement.

Wear as a beach cover-up, wrap skirt (high or low), beautiful toga or halter dress, one-shoulder dress, or wear as a stunning scarf or shawl. Pair with beachwear flip-flops, goggles, and a turban or a hat. I mean, use your imagination and create your style.

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