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We believe that every one of us is unique but we all deserve to enjoy our lives in the best possible ways. Each of us may be from different ethnic backgrounds, beliefs, and different body types. 
Regardless of all the differences, everyone deserves to be healthy and happy. This is the idea behind LYRA’s inception. Hence at LYRA, we are inspired to bring the best modest swimwear and swim accessories for you. Along with the right swimsuits, the right pair of accessories play a big role in making your time at the pool safer and comfortable, while stepping up your beach fashion to the next level.
swim cap is one of the most sought after swim accessories by professional swimmers and novice pool persons alike. It offers safety and comfort while in the waters and when you get out of the pool. A swim cap protects your hair from snagging while you manoeuvre in the water. It also protects your hair from Salty or chlorinated water to a great extent. A good quality swim cap will have to offer higher UV protection so that your hair is safe from the harmful UV rays while spending extended time in the pool or beach. At LYRA, our designers check all these requirements to bring you the best quality swim caps. Our swim caps come in stunning colours and unique designs for the modest lady in you to stay stylish and classy whether you are in the water or not. 
For a modest lady of Islamic or Sikh faith, it might be required to cover her head with a hijab. Regardless of the community a lady hail from, or part of the world she lives in, her beliefs and wishes are important and must be upheld. At LYRA we believe that a lack of suitable clothing should not prevent a modest lady from enjoying her time in the pool or at the beach. Our swim hijabs come in modest soothing colours and provide good coverage for your head and shoulders. The quick-drying, high-quality Italian fabric is chlorine resistant. It also offers high sun protection (UPF 50+) as an added benefit. It is ideal to be used at the pool or the beach. The bonded fabric cap, uniquely designed by our top-class designers has non-slip edges to hold longer hair in shape. As like all our products, we have not missed any fine details. The ergonomic 3D design ensures that it fits all face shapes for an incredibly comfortable fit.
sarong is a piece of quick-drying cloth that provides good cover-up while you get out of the water. It also protects you from the harmful UV rays of the sun at the beach. One can wear a sarong around the waist like a skirt or the bust area as the situation demands. LYRA sarongs are made from the best of Italian fabric with high sun protection and durability. Known to be one of the most versatile swim accessories, it offers a lot more purposes than just a cover-up fabric. Our design features an added easy pull-through waist tie, for your comfort and safety. 
A wet bag is the best way to carry around your swimsuit and other swim accessories to the beach or pool. Swimsuits and other beach clothing are made from quick-drying, lightweight material that needs to be stored properly. It is always a good idea to carry them in a special bag for their safety. Also, a wet bag keeps the moist wet swimwear isolated from your other stuff, with its water-resistant inner layer. Our wet bags are designed to be ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing. Made from natural fibres, it is sturdy, minimal but super-useful with water-resistant lining and tassel zip.
You might also be interested to check out our collection of modest swim leggings and beach trousers which feature stunning styles, colours, and comfort.
Swimming is the best way to relax our body and mind while keeping us fit and with the cardio benefits, it provides. Unlike other forms of workouts, it is fun and enjoyable for anyone regardless of age and other factors. The right set of accessories makes it more motivating, safer, and stylish to be in the water.
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